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A Website Is Looking For Someone To Spend P100k On Online Shopping
Do you love to shop online and want to get P100,000 shopping money for free? This job being offered by a local website might interest you.
A Website Is Looking For Someone To Spend P100k On Online Shopping
Shopback Philippines, an e-commerce cashback site, is currently searching for its first Chief Shopping Officer who will be tasked to spend P100,000 on online shopping for a month. The new employee is free to splurge the amount on anything he/she likes from toiletries, clothing, to hotel accommodations. His/her main tasks are the following:

1. Run weekly shopping
2. Find the best deals on all online shopping sites
3. Record and document his/her shopping experience using Shopback

To apply, applicants must create a 1-minute video containing an interesting fact about themselves, 3 reasons why they want the job and why the company should hire them. They only have until May 12 to submit their applications HERE.

Shopback Philippines is website which gives you rebate or cashback for your online purchases in their partner sites including Lazada, Zalora, Booking, Foodpanda, Hotels, and Aliexpress, among others. The rebate will be added to your Shopback account after the delivery of the products and can later be transferred to your bank or Paypal account.

noypi Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Hidlyn Diaz Is Latest Under Armour Ambassador
Rio Olympics Silver Medalist for Weightlifting Hidlyn Diaz was recently announced as the latest Under Armour Ambassador, at the recent UA Circuit Challenge held at Robinson’s Magnolia last weekend.
The UA Circuit Challenge, is a two-part event, with the next one taking place at Greenbelt 3 on Saturday, March 4 at 1pm; aims to be a preliminary event to help prepare the participants of  the regional fitness challenge UA ‘Test of Will’, which is set to take place on March 25 & 26 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City.

UA ‘Test of Will’ is on its second year and will be held in 6 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines.

Participants in ‘Test of Will’, will compete in a four-minute circuit consisting of Burpees, One Arm Thruster, TRX Rows and Sandbag Throw.  Each competitor will be scored based on the maximum number of repetitions they can achieve within 60 seconds. The highest scoring man and woman of the national heats from each respective country will win an all-expense paid trip to compete in the regional finals, happening in Kuala Lumpur on 6 May 2017.

This year's overall champion of the regional finals will walk away with S$2,500 cash prize, or around Php 88,000.00.

noypi Thursday, March 9, 2017
Whale Carcass Found In Dinagat Islands
A sea creature's carcass washed ashore at Barangay Poblacion in Cagdianao, Dinagat Islands on Wednesday, February 22.

BFAR personnel inspecting the whale carcass
According to Cagdianao's Municipal Information Office (MIO), the carcass has been confirmed by the local staff of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to be of a whale. A specimen sample has been brought to the BFAR office in Manila to determine the specie of the said whale.

The whale carcass was 6.3 meters long and 2 meters wide from its dorsal to pectoral fins, MIO reported.

MIO added that the local government unit will be preserving the bones of the whale as memento of the rare event.

noypi Friday, February 24, 2017
Paolo Ballesteros Bags 'Best Actor' Award At Tokyo International Film Festival
Filipino actor Paolo Ballesteros won the award for "Best Actor" at the 2016 Tokyo International Film Festival on Thursday.

Ballesteros while delivering his acceptance speech (Credit: TIFF)
The award is for Ballesteros' role as a transgender woman named Trisha in the movie "Die Beautiful." In his acceptance speech, he said he was surprised about the award and thought he was only attending the red carpet event for the closing ceremony of the festival, which celebrates its 29th edition this year. He also thanked the organizers for "embracing our film."

"Die Beautiful" also received the "Audience Choice" award. Directed by Jun Robles Lana, the movie centers around Trisha, who makes a living by joining beauty pageants. She unexpectedly dies while being crowned in a beauty contest. Before she died, her one last wish was to be presented as a different celebrity on each night of her wake. However, her conservative father wants to bury her as a man so her friends are left with no choice but to steal her body and hold the wake in a secret location. While they transform her to look like different celebrities, they look back at the colorful and extraordinary life that she has led - being a son, a sister, a mother, a friend, a lover, a wife, and ultimately, a queen.

Watch the trailer of "Die Beautiful" below:

noypi Thursday, November 3, 2016
Blind Filipina Gets Standing Ovation, Makes Judge Cry On 'France's Got Talent'
A blind Filipino woman received a standing ovation and made one of the judges cry during her audition in the latest season of "France's Got Talent".

Screengrab of Alienettte's audition (Credit: "France's Got Talent")
Alienette Coldfire, whose real name is Katchry Jewel Golbin, chose to sing the French version of the "Les Miserables" piece "I Dreamed A Dream" for her audition, which was aired on Tuesday. Her beautiful and emotional rendition of the song swept the judges off their feet, with one of them reduced to tears. The judges then gave her their nods to send her to the next round of the competition.

When asked how she learned French, Coldfire, who hails from Capiz, said her friends taught her the language for about three years.

"I learned with my friends through the Internet," she said. "When I heard Edith Piaf's 'La Vie en rose,' I wanted to understand the lyrics. That's how I learned French."

The 25-year-old Pinay also said that she joined the competition to prove that physical impairment is not a hindrance for anyone to do great things.

Check out Coldifre's inspiring audition on "France's Got Talent" below: