Half-Filipino Clint Jun Gamboa off to next round of American Idol 10

If you're wondering if the asian-looking guy Clint Jun Gamboa who belted out the song "Get Ready" during the group round of the Hollywood Week in American Idol Season 10, is a Filipino?

Yes he is. I read this on the comments of his old Youtube video when someone asked him his roots even before he joined the singing contest. He said he is Half-Pinoy. Check his Youtube channel HERE.

The karaoke host and his group in the second round of Hollywood Week got a little controversial when they dismissed 15 year-old Jaycee Badeaux since the latter cannot catch up with their choreography. Jacee ended up searching for a new group while fighting back in tears.

It was a good call for Clint's group since they were able to deliver one of the best performances of this round. Clint was shocked though when Steven Tyler asked his groupmates to step forward leaving him behind alone, only to find out that they all made it through to the next round.

Jennifer Lopez said, "Come'on Jun! You know you're going through!"

Clint is off to the next round which will be aired tonight. He has to capture the hearts of the judges once again with a solo performance.


  1. Thanks for answering... :D I found Clint Jun Gamboa's Youtube Channel in your Top 40 American Idol article.. :D

  2. He is a real ass for what he did to Jaycee. I hope no one votes for him!

  3. I kinda understand why he did that. It was make or break for them. He has to do what it takes to give the best performance.

  4. Who cares, he stinks! No justification for what he did.. if he's really damn good, he doesn't need to worry about his group... make or break?? hello, if they give the best performance of their lives as a group, that doesn't guarantee all of them would have made it. What a stinky personality you got there. You also look like you've got down syndrome! At least those people who have down syndrome probably do not have a stinky personality.

  5. he's good at singing, has a bad personality.