'Willing Willie' could go back on May 9th after given 1-month suspension by the MTRCB

Willing Willie's comeback has been previously announced to be happening on May 7th. However, that was before the decision of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) regarding the case of Willing Willie's controversial March 12 came out, yesterday.

A screen capture of the March 12 episode of Willing Willie | Courtesy of TV5

In the said decision, the MTRCB gave the show a 1-month suspension but credited the period by which the show went off-air since April 9. And so, the MTRCB has reportedly allowed 'Willing Willie' to resume airing episodes on May 9th (Monday).

The 14-page decision also stated that the Board will be monitoring the show on a daily basis to make sure that the regulatory measures are being undertaken accordingly.

Here is the full text of MTRCB's announcement of its decision on Willing Willie's JanJan case:




The Hearing and Adjudication Committee (“Committee”) of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (“MTRCB”) promulgated a decision finding the television program ‘Willing Willie” liable for violation of Section 3(c) of P.D. 1986, and imposing the penalty of one (1) month suspension, but crediting the period during which the program was on voluntary suspension by TV5.

In addition, the MTRCB placed the show on Probation, or on a per-episode permit basis, until the Board is convinced that the self-regulatory measures committed by the TV5 and WilProductions have actually been undertaken and implemented.

In arriving at the Decision, the Committee cites what TV5 implemented as measures of “self-regulation and perpetual improvement.” The Committee takes note of following self-regulatory measures adopted by ABC5:

a. Voluntary suspension of “Willing Willie” program from 11 April 2011 to the present.

b. Adoption of strict policies governing the participation of minors in shows and events.

c. Appointment of an internal Ombudsman who will ensure that the audition process of all shows will adequately screen talents to, in turn, ensure that the performances are age-appropriate, and also set up a monitoring system of all shows to ensure compliance with broadcast and legal standards.

d. Ordering a moratorium on child contestants while the safeguards are being established.

e. Strengthening institutional ties with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and other relevant government agencies to ensure that children’s rights are always protected.

f. Formulating a “Rules of Ethics” for its talents, production staff and crew, and other persons involved in the production and airing of its shows to ensure that conduct is appropriate at all times and always in line with the interest of the general public.

g. Creation of a Standards Compliance Group, consisting of (i) the Standards Advisory Board, and (ii) the Compliance Unit.

h. Partnering with the Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) and the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) and other stakeholders to come up with appropriate guidelines that will apply to the broadcast industry with respect to the participation of children in talent, game and reality shows.

i. Promulgation of the Guidelines on the Treatment of Children as Viewers, Subjects, Talents or Participants, after consultating with the Philippine Children’s Television Foundation.

And while the MTRCB commends these measures, and offers it as a model for all networks who may be similarly-minded to institutionalize measures to provide special protection for children, it called upon TV5 and all other networks, to take these reforms to a new level, that is enlightened by institutional introspection and industry-wide discernment.

In their Decision, the Committee counseled in this wise: “Celebrities and TV personalities should exercise the highest degree of care and diligence, as they are the most seen, and their reach and influence is far greater than any other individual. It is the responsibility of the network and their talents to educate themselves regarding: gender sensitivity, children and women’s rights issues; the rights of indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, and other marginalized sectors of the society. Let this Decision stand as a reminder to all networks, producers, directors, public figures, celebrities and hosts that: We are all advocates. And as advocates, we are duty-bound to fight for a TV industry that does not only make us ‘eat for a day,’ but an industry that inspires, transforms, and moves us, to live better lives.”




  1. hi! i participate in your poll... i think he should go back to his show, after the jan-jan case i think he had learned his lesson, sana...
    hindi lang dapat si willie ang bigyan ng leksyon, even other TV hosts and programs dapat sensitive sa karapatan ng mga bata, also sa other participants especially the poor, they should not be humiliated and discriminated
    thanks for visiting my blog

  2. hame on u campaign proponents including child psychologist carang, objective kayo on ur advocacy, right?a child psychologist is an authority to say on matters which pertains to child psychology. psychologist carang what do u think was a child in belly dancing wearing a two-piece dancing in front of 3 judges in talent contest in an influential network, no child abused in there?why?because ur psychology subject was telling u that d girl child dancing was dancing willingly?ows! will is only applicable to person who is in reasoning capability.children esp those 10 years old and below does not have. so that when a child that age is performing, he is performing according to the coaching of somebody who is capable and in most cases performing out of a motive originated by from those around him. are u not shame of singling out one?besides, in any case involving psychology, judgment should always be after a thorough study on the very subject(i.e the person concern, or the child concern).on child abuse, on the basis of "will", there was child abuse in child girl in a contest in belly dancing for maximizing her innocence in the guise of entertainment (motivated obviously with the same motive to that of a macho dancing boy), there were child abuse in maximizing the innocence of children girls in two-piece dancing sexy dancing in goin bulilit.why not subject all these children in ur psychology?and u will say, "something wrong in our entertainment culture"

    singling out willing-willie was just unfortunate and unfair.those who have grudges at willie surely say MTRCB's decision is not enough but for those who knew exactly the meaning of fairness, a guidelines applicable to all networks is justice not placing any program on probation

    May 4, 2011 7:41 PM

  3. woe to you self-righteous,you who are on envy and spite for you will be shutting your mouth according to your bias(es) and prejudice(s) against the person you hate in the guise of being concern?if you really do, instead of singling out your concern to the macho dancing boy-child you should have said something wrong against the culture we have in the entertainment industry.

    for certain, those who feel bitter against the person of willie will not be contented on the decision of MTRCB.this comment is from a promdi of the far away igacos but knew so well when a person is to be judged. public may say something against a person according to what they perceived as right. but a case esp involving child abused is something that would necessarily require actual study on the child concern rather than giving opinion on account of rights as a citizen.to child psychologist carang, make subjects all performing children in the entertainment industry in your child psychology for you may be right in your observation

  4. Ms. Carandan she is fucking puppet by ABS CBN. She condemn Willie already march 25, 2011 by watching Jan Jan on a splice and fix video. This fucking moron psychology hates and has a vendetta against Willie. ABS CBN and all Willie detractors want to destroy him what ever it takes they do it, I say to them go to hell all mother fuckers.

  5. a birthday child was given a children party by her parents.with the support of relatives and friends contests with goods and cash prizes were among the highlights. a child dancing seductively to the tune of "careless whisper" was asked, "bakit sumayaw ke nang ganun kid?"yon kasi tinuro sa akin.gusto mo ba sayaw na yon?ewan ko basta yon daw ang sayawin ko. we must not be surprised of the kid's answer simply because we know children esp 10 years old and below do not know and understand yet what they were doing.if you happened to ask the belly dancing child in two-piece suit in a contest at a talent contest in an influential tv network and those children girls in goin bulilit in sexy attire dancing in sexy dancing these children may be answering the same.so what's the difference on the macho dancing kid?because the kid was crying?and you were scandalized?and you were not scandalized the belly dancing girl trying to project a seductive sexy lady in her performance?what if after actual study on the macho dancing boy, the boy was really performing willingly as coached and was not crying because he was forced to dance can you still see any difference?why placed a program on probation? pleasing the public?what public?the envious few?the rivals?the self-righteous?

    just tell the world that something wrong in the culture we have in our entertainment industry (moral values we have in the entertainment industry is very hard to define- for the real moralists i.e those who really have the moral ascendancy, but to the pretending ones, woe to you)

  6. placing a program on probation?MTRCB had enough wisdom in arriving at such decision.intellectual and moralists jim p lea s and others.where are you?satisfied?you must not galit kayo ke willie e.a ganun ba, objective kayo sa comments nyo.by the way, were you not scandalized on a girl about 3 or 4 years old dancing in two-piece projecting a seductive lady in her performance and has got the approval of the 3 judges of a talent contest aired in an "influential" tv network?parang mas scandalizing yata tingnan yon? ah, the child was willingly performing. what if upon actual study on a macho dancing boy, the result would be that the boy was actually performing willingly also, then you say "mas scandalizing nga yata yong batang sumayaw in two-piece?ilagay din kaya natin yong program na yon on probation. ah, public were approving. what public? the self-righteous and envious public represented by your group?

    si child pychologist carancang?carancang pala yon, 'kala ko carang, what can you say?

  7. journalist ba itong si tikam sikam o takam?blight analitit tikam on MTRCB's decision!self-righteous persons are biased and prejudicial.sana di ka kasama dun.the so called "charisma" of every person is being used to earn money esp in the entertainment world, so that as long as the general public (not the self-righteous public or the envious public or the rival network-motivated public)but the viewing public, ayos basta kumita.titira nga tayo nang titira sa article natin basta't bayad.

    2 personalities in the hosting job were back and the are known to be the originals of double-meaning words na bastos pakinggan pero entertaining naman.eto din yatang karismang ito meron sila, because until now they still are into this "double-meaning".needless to say they already experienced suspension slaps.aminin na natin na something wrong of the culture we have in the entertainment world.this is to say, everybody in the entertainment world deserved to be regulated if that you mean on to the person of willie.pero ano bang ethics meron tayo in the entertainment industry?reactive?acting only if somebody's reacting?at dahil walang nag-react sa sinabi nyong public dun sa batang babae na nag-project ng seductive lady in her dance performance in one of a talent contest in an influential network.that was supposed to be very scandalizing, a child allowed to be performing adult performance in two-piece attire?in goin bulilit?Etik(s) siguro meron.kaang-kaang yon in the visayan-speaking province

  8. This MTRCB institution is a biggest fraud, they base their decision on fucking moron psychology’s opinion, and she is a stupid little bitch that hate Willie. She already condemns Willie on March 25, 2011 without even see the boy, how stupid is that. All Willie detractors will do everything they can to destroy him one way or another, these people are so jealous of him since he left ABS CBN. All of you fucking moron get a life and smell the coffee loser like ABS CBN GOT THAT LOSER. And why MTRCB don’t suspend ABS CBN for the act on Goin Bulilit and Showtime that the kids they perform to those show, if they are not bias against Willie. All of you fuck your self.

  9. jim p, mr. takam o sikam:no one knows exactly anybody's person's person for even knowing yourself takes a very long process if not life time.u see willie for instance as arrogant among others.then lately u charged him child abuser.all these are about a person's person.here it seemed you know willie's person so well.

    willie was showing to the world commendable values by showing his love to the old ones, to the special children and to the poor people in general.whether or not this is coming from his heart,this gesture is very good.coming from his heart or not it's nobody's business to judge because no one know the inside of willie's heart.

    on how a tv host and other personalities in the business shall behave, a specific guidelines (applicable to all in the business, to all networks, and not only to one) shall be in placed in accordance with the existing rules and regulations i.e in accordance with law.because the problem is not about anybody but what we can do with the entertainment culture we have in the entertainment world ie na kahit ginagawang katawa-tawa ang tao ok lang basta kinakagat ng masa.mi tao/mga tao dyan sa isang influential tv station na isinama sa team of hosts obviously
    not because he is capable of hosting(because he might not have finished secondary educ)but group's clown.aminin ginagawang katawa-tawa. ilang beses na rin niyang sinabi sa mga relatives niya na minsan masakit, pero bahala na ang importante kumikita siya.

    may you now have the eyes open-wide to see the real problem we have in the industry

  10. tanong sa isang finalist dun sa Bikini Open segment ba yon ng lunchtime program ng isang influential tv station? a di pala yon bikini open naka-bikini lang ang mga contestants. eto sabi nung isang judge,"kung ikaw ay isang super police sinong...ang aarestuhin mo?".sagot pa nong contestant, si Gloria Macapagal Arroyo".MTRCB papano n'yo mare-regulate yong mga ganon?

    Guess ko sagot nyo.anong masama dun?yon sagot nyo ano?kase maaring walang mag-react sa mga self-rigtheous public by jim and lea s dahil maaring galit din ang mga ito k GMA.pero marami ang nag-react sa loob ng studio kasi ni wala pa nga ito sa prosecutor's office tapos ang lagay parang kriminal agad.kaya biglang natauhan ang contestant.

    people in the bar practice may smell something because it is injurious to GMA's person.anyway, this is just a comment, comment na gamit ang dila ng malayang pamamahayag na naayon sa real ethics of journalism, among others "balanseng pamamahayag"

    ano kaya kung magpapataw din kayo ng probation sa lahat ng mga networks? a, wala pang public clamor.(alin? yong self-righteous public? o yong rival station-motivated public?)

    itong comment na ito guaranteed 115% pure kasi from a promdi ito, a promdi from far far away Talicud Island in IGaCos

  11. Those MTRCB are stupid moron like a dog, how can you accuse Willie a child abuser if you can not see the different what’s happening to ABS CBN SHOW particularly Goin Bulilit and Showtime, those kids on that show dancing more worst than Jan Jan and the girls are wearing only two pieces dancing like a seductive adult. They are sick dog and stupid loser if you can see the difference. All of you Willie’s hater doesn’t see other network mistake, but you see something on Willie Willie you crucified him right away fucking loser bias institution.