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Disneyland Philippines in Clark, Pampanga?

Disneyland Philippines soon to rise in Clark, Pampanga?
Congressman Carmelo "Tarzan" Lazatin of Pampanga has sent a letter to Walt Disney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger, containing his proposition of a Disneyland park in the Philippines to be built in Clark, Pampanga.

The legislature said in his letter that Clark has a 4,400 hectare main zone and 27,600-hectare subzone that will be a perfect location for the new Walt Disney adventure park. He added that "the Clark Freeport Zone can be an attractive destination for Disneyland theme park because of the tax-free privileges given to locators."

The lawmaker also cited the world-class Clark International Airport that it will make it easier for tourists "to enjoy the amenities and entertainment Disneyland is famous for without the hassles of long travels"

Lazatin continued: "Together with our population of more than 90 million Filipinos, a Disneyland theme park in the Philippines could be a major income generating site for your company."

Clark, according to Pampanga representative, has "the best hotels in its roster where visitors can enjoy the hospitality Filipinos are known for" and that the Philippines is a "favorite tourist destination in Southeast Asia, with an average arrival of four million foreign visitors a year and for 2012, the government is eyeing to hit the 5-million mark."

Disneyland theme parks are among the most visited and the best-earning parks in the world. There are so far 3 Disneyland parks in Asia located in Hong Kong; Tokyo, Japan and Shanghai, China.

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  1. Disney land in the Philippines has a long way to go! But if it will be materialized i'm pretty sure Philippine tourism will boom.

  2. Nothing Impossible!
    If others CAN, why can't WE?
    For me, i can say and I'm pretty sure about my feelings that,..
    the Philippines is a rich country!
    Yes, believe it or not. it's just happened that some people doesn't know how to handle those treasures properly. Some people just don't feel, realize and appreciate those things.
    Look at the brighter side.. it's for you to find! And really you can say that Our country is not poor, instead we're much blessed :)

  3. I love how people are positive with this project! thumbs up! I hope there won't be any negative tirade about this project. This is a family place where any age and any one can enjoy their time. Its the happiest place in the world!

  4. Go disneyland philippines clarkfield pampanga!!!

  5. sana somewhere south just to be safe in case the pinatubo erupts again... maybe?

  6. YEAH @anonymous di na mauulit yun!

    I'm exited for many years aaawwww build the disneyland now! XD

  7. hey @anonymous,u r just a big asshole.u should not said that.ur realy have a crab mentality,you should be proud of.dont give such a negative attitude on it,ur a loser man,really!

  8. Disneyland in the Philippines?! Poverty rate in the Philippines is really high... Dont think people could afford that. Lets be real..............

  9. would create alot of jobs.........
    cross your fingers.

  10. DISNEYLAND in pampanga ?? what a nice idea !!!!!!!! ;D Clark PAMPANGA could be attractive destination for Disneyland theme park.

  11. Avoid Yahoo News!
    They got the same article in Disneyland Pampanga Proposal.

    I get loads of thumbs down just because of Positive Comments.

    On the Plus Side: I love to see Philippines becoming bigger and bigger. Disneyland in Pampanga is really a big plus :D

  12. someday i will go disneyland philippines :)

  13. Great plan! But hope Disneyland be located in another part of the country. Just thinking about the possibilty of Mt. Pinatubo eruption.

  14. It is better to do it in Tagaytay!

  15. saan b talaga ipapatayo ang disneylang sa pampanga? Clark o florida..parang ibaiba ang nasaragap n blita.. Isa ako sa magiging security guard kc jan..

  16. saan b talaga ipapatayo ang disneylang sa pampanga? Clark o florida..parang ibaiba ang nasaragap n blita.. Isa ako sa magiging security guard kc jan..


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