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Liza Sesaldo's Butanding Surfboard Photo Goes Viral On Facebook

Liza Sesaldo posted the above photo on Facebook
A photo posted by a certain Liza Sesaldo showing her atop of a whale shark, locally known as butanding, is getting viral on Facebook for all the wrong reasons. Many netizens expressed their concern and condemnation of the act.

"Wow how stupid this people can be??? Really??? This is so sad to see. Before we know it this very same people will have this creature on their plates. This shark is not a surf board and doesn't deserve to be treated this way," said Facebook user Sunshine Urban.

The photo, posted on March 31st, has been shared on Facebook more than 2,000 times as of posting time. Sesaldo said in the caption that it was taken in Oslob, Cebu. But according to Save Philippine Seas, the incident happened in Boljoon, Cebu.

"Update re. whale shark that was tied up & used as a "surfboard" in Boljoon, Cebu last March 31, 2012: we got info from Physalus that it was indeed a stranding & the butanding was eventually released soon afterwards." Save Philippines wrote.

It added that efforts are now being organized to educate the locals on how to deal with such situations while the incident is being investigated.