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Iglesia Ni Cristo Sets 3 New Guinness World Records

Iglesia ni Cristo Medical Mission
Iglesia ni Cristo broke 3 Guinness world records during a medical-dental mission at the weekend.

Dubbed as "Iglesia ni Cristo International Aid for Humanity," the outreach program was attended by 4,128 individual who benefited from the dental health check, beating the record of 3,377 previously held by India.

It also broke the Guinness world records for the most blood pressure (BP) readings taken in 8 hours and the most number of blood glucose level (BGL) tests conducted in 8 hours.

In total, there were 8,026 BP readings, surpassing the record set by Kuwait Heart Foundation which was 7,203 BP, and 5,270 BGL tests, beating India's 3,573, conducted during the medical mission.

The event was held in Parola, Tondo on Saturday and was graced by Guinness world record’s official adjudicator Tarika Vara who verified and declared the new records.