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Kedebon Falls Off 'X Factor' Stage

Kedebon of X Factor Philippines
Kedebon Colim, a contestant of "The X Factor Philippines," took the internet term ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing) literally when he found out he was not among the bottom two vote getters.

During the first results show of the reality singing competition on Sunday, the high-spirited 18-year-old Cebuano got so ecstatic after host KC Concepcion told him he was safe from elimination. He then rolled on the stage floor until he fell off the platform. His mentor Martin Nievera ran to check on him and he apparently was ok. He climbed back to stage and went immediately with his mentor to the backstage as the live show has to continue.

As of posting time, there are no official word from "X Factor Philippines" yet if Kedebon sustained any injuries from the fall.

Were you able to watch the episode? If not, watch out for our recap in a few.