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Coconut The Poodle Found After 6 years

Coconut the poodle (Photo: King 5 News)
A poodle named Coconut has reunited with her owners over six years after she was gone missing. 

Seattle couple David and Sara Lukas lost 6 1/2 years ago the then 1-year-old Coconut in Los Angeles, where they used to live. They did not find her despite reasonable effort to track her down -- they made t-shirts, flyers, posters and bumper stickers.

Over the weekend, the couple, who now resides in Seattle, was informed through a call that their beloved pet has been found. The poodle was brought by someone to a veterinarian in L.A., who identified her owners through scanning her microchip.

Coconut was taken to a flight from LA to Seattle to be reunited with David and Sara on Tuesday.

It is not certain who took care of Coconut over the last six years. She was "healthy and unharmed" when picked up from the vet's clinic.- Via Yahoo News.