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X Factor Philippines Winner, Results Revealed (October 7, 2012 Episode)

X Factor Philippines winner KZ Tandingan presented her prize
(Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN)
The first "X Factor Philippines" winner has been named on Sunday, October 7, 2012.

It's no other than KZ Tandingan of Digos City.

Twenty-one-year-old Kristine Zhenie "KZ" Tandingan won herself P4 million worth of cash and other prizes, including an exclusive recording contract with Star Music.

Here are the official results of the overnight text and online voting:

KZ Tandingan - 54.77% (Winner)
Gabriel Maturan - 32.33% (Second Placer)
Daddy's Home - 12.90% (Third Placer)

NoypiStuff readers, who participated in the blog's fun poll, got the results right. Great job, guys! And thanks for voting.


  1. What an awesome talent! KZ sings that "Metro Blend" innovative all vocal mix of classic standards-era songs, jazz & blues and sophisticated contemporary pop that nobody knows in this day and age. Congratulations also to Charice for not changing KZ's music "DNA", I think she's the only one that sings "Metro Blend" music.

  2. What KZ needs to work on now is her phonetic sound to correct her regional accent. Vocally, I think she's great, but practicing some high notes would help too.

  3. Replies
    1. I had the feeling she will win and she did ahes a great singer!

  4. That was a well-deserved win.. I love her style in singing..

  5. She deserved to win as first X Factor Philippines 2012. KZ sytle of singing, blending voice from high to low notes are new to all from the viewer, as first ever seen in the entire competition.


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