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Drunk Airport Fight: Texas A&M Fan Starts Airport Brawl

A drunk Texas A&M fan in Johnny Football shirt was caught on video starting a fight at the New Orleans airport.

Drunk Airport Fight
According to the Redditor "westtexan1" who uploaded the video on Youtube, the Aggie fan was not allowed to board the plane because he was drunk.

Below are the details of what happened next as narrated by the Reddit user:

"He got irate with the ticket counter attendant and dumped out a bag of trail mix. The black guy was waiting at the ticket counter stood up for the ticket attendant and told Johnny F’in Football to calm down. He then redirected his anger at the black guy, started dropping n-bombs and even made a comment about picking cotton.

"Fisticuffs ensued and after about 30 secs Paul Blart showed up on a segway. Luckily it was caught on video because the Johnny Football guy lied to the cops initially and said the black guy started it – upon reviewing the video evidence the black guy was exonerated and allowed the board the flight. Everyone clapped for him as he was walking down the aisle (especially me because I was flying standby and ended up getting Johnny Football’s seat!)

"Now please share with everyone you know so this drunk racist gets fired."

Sorry. The video has been removed from Youtube.