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Michael Jordan Coming To The Philippines?

Michael Jordan is set to visit the Philippines this year, according to a rumor that circulated on social media sites on Wednesday.

Michael Jordan (Photo courtesy of Sina/Facebook)
The rumor claims Gatorade Philippines will sponsor the legendary basketball icon's tour in the country.

Sadly though, the rumor is not true. Gatorade Philippines has released a statement on Facebook, saying, "We currently have no plans to bring in Michael Jordan to the country, but we’d love to have him visit in the future!"

The rumor about Jordan's supposed Philippine visit came a day after it was announced that NBA superstar Kobe Bryant is going back to Manila in August for his Lenovo Philippines endorsement.

Aside from Bryant, more NBA stars are set to fly to the basketball-crazy Philippines this year, including LeBron James, James Harden, Eric Gordon, and the team members of Houston Rockets and Indiana Pacers.