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Miss Colombia 2012 Lucia Aldana, who competed in Miss Universe 2013, echoed the claims that favoritism exists in the international beauty pageant.

In a November 12 interview with WRadio, Aldana said that representatives of those countries that pay high franchise fees to the Miss Universe organization are being given special treatment. She insinuated that Donald Trump handpicks the candidates that make it to the Top 16.

She also said that the Philippines has a major advantage because of the amount of support from fans, Filipinos in the venue who cheer loudly for their candidate, and the magnitude of viewership from Philippines, which all count in placing. It's not only preparations which count, she said. 

Below are excerpts of the interview translated in English:

"Miss Universe is not as glamorous as it seems on TV. There are preferences to certain girls who are asked for photo shoots, ads, videos, etc. and you start to realize where you stand in the competition. "

"I had all the intentions to place high or at least place among the Top 10 but once I got there, I got to realize many things and you can't do much but to enjoy the rest of the days left."

"I find Molly an exceptional winner and I would talk to her about her preparation. Molly knew she would be in the Top 5 because she was trained for that."

"Miss Colombias are not prepared for Miss Universe. The objectives of a Miss Colombia are different than a Miss Venezuela whose objective is to win Miss Universe."

"I have no doubt that the franchise fees play a huge role in determining the favoritism of certain delegates."

"I am more than convinced that many of us who were left out is not because we are ugly or not competitive, but because our country does not have much importance to the MUO."

"I was a bit concerned before going to Miss Universe about what past Miss Colombias have told me. They told me that it is not what I am expecting it to be, and you don't win because of your beauty. Usually the one you never expected ends up winning."

"No one really knows what the real secret is, but it's all business and Donald Trump is one of the richest man in the world and he should know why he does certain things."

"Philippines has a major advantage because of the amount of support from fans, the group that cheers loudly in the venue and the amount of viewership from Philippines. All these count in placing. It's not only preparations which count.

"Miss Universe might be held in Philippines soon as Philippines is one of the countries which pay the highest franchise. They are not paying just to pay or just for simply representing their country, there are concrete reasons behind that."

"In Colombia it's Colombians who crown Colombians where as in Asia in Indonesia (and other Asian countries placing), the Miss Universe is present there during the crowning moment, and this has to do with the high franchise."

"Donald knows why he chooses his Top 16, Top 10, etc... there are judges there but then by the end you end up seeing a different surprise. "

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