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Super Typhoon Agaton Hoax Causes Panic

Super Typhoon Agaton will be stronger than Super Typhoon Yolanda, according to a Facebook post that went viral a few days ago.

Super Typhoon Agaton Hoax
The post claims that Super Typhoon Agaton will hit Visayas or Southern Luzon on January 16 or 17 and will pack more strength than Super Typhoon Yolanda, which ravaged many parts of the country and claimed lives of thousands of people in November. The said "forecast" has caused panic among netizens, with some urging the government to take action.

PAGASA said it is monitoring a low-pressure area (LPA) outside the Philippine Area of Responsibility, but it is still too far to be able to come up with a conclusion. It added that it is too early to tell whether the LPA will develop into a typhoon, it may dissolve before it can turn into a stronger tropical cyclone.

"We have detected an LPA based from our different satellite models but its quite far from PAR (more than 3000-4000 km East from Philippine landmass) and as of now, there is no enough proof to conclude that this will turn into a super typhoon like Typhoon Yolanda," it said.

The state weather bureau advices the public not to "easily believe on rumors and statement without concrete basis" and to "keep calm and don't panic."

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