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Viral Video: Filipino Man, Canadian Woman's Long Distance Relationship Turns Into Marriage

A video narrating the fascinating love story of a man from the Philippines and a woman from Canada, whose online long distance relationship turned into marriage, is currently making the rounds on social networks.

Romel Sindol and Elodie Pelletier
In the 11-minute video, Romel Sindol of General Santos City related that his relationship with Quebec native Elodie Pelletier started with a friend request on Facebook on November 2009. They've been chatting on the popular networking site, on Skype, and on MSN since then, which eventually led to them developing feelings for each other. Two years after, she decided to take a flight halfway around the world to finally meet him. It was their first meeting ever and it only made their relationship stronger. But she had to go back to Canada. So after she left, they went back to exchanging messages online. Over a year later, she returned to Philippines to marry the love her life. He's now 22 and she's 19 years old.

The said video has been shared more than 42,000 times on Facebook, as of this posting. It has also attracted over 7,000 comments.

Romel and Elodie's story only proves that relationships can still work despite being thousands of miles apart and that finding love online is very much possible.


  1. I want to watch it but the video is private can anyone give me a link? i have already watched this before i want to watch it again.pleasee


  3. we want to watch it again so rare love story


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