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Bunny Eating Raspberries Delights Netizens

A video of a bunny eating raspberries is delighting viewers online.

Bunny Eating Raspberries (Youtube Screengrab)
In the Youtube clip that runs for 33 seconds, the adorable bunny named Luna is seen munching on the sweet fruit, painting her lips red and thus looking like she's wearing a lipstick on.

Uploaded online just 4 days ago, the video of the raspberry-eating rabbit has amassed more than 8.4 million views as of this posting. Repeated in the comments are the words "cute," "adorable" and "awwww."

"Cute bunny eating rasberries? why is it viral BECAUSE ITS TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!" Youtube user Millie12678 wrote.

"I love watching this beautiful little bunny eat her berries.There is just something so precious about small animals and the everyday things they do.  Her "lipstick" is the most lovely shade of raspberry!" said TobyJae.

"The rabbit looks like it has bright red lipstick on" Miyamoto Sora added.

Check out the viral video of Luna below:
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