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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update: $35,000 Stolen From Passengers' Bank Accounts

A bank officer and her husband have been nabbed by Malaysian authorities after they allegedly stole over $35,000 from the bank accounts of four Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 passengers.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Update
The couple were hunted by the police after it was noticed that there were mysterious withdrawals amounting 110,643 ringgit ($35,075) taken from the accounts of two Malaysian and two Chinese victims of the doomed MAS Flight 370.

Cops are also looking for another suspect who is believed to be involved in the stealing. He purportedly received part of the stolen sum through online bank transfer.

The 33-year-old woman in custody reportedly works at HSBC. She and her husband were held after a bank manager noticed suspicious activities in the accounts at a Kuala Lumpur branch.

Accessing private bank accounts without proper authorization is punishable by prison sentences of up to 10 years in Malaysia.