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Lee Min Ho Obsessed With A Boracay Girl?

South Korean actor Lee Min Ho reportedly met a girl in Boracay earlier this year and he can't stop thinking of her since, causing him some insomnia.

Lee Min Ho Obsessed With A Boracay Girl?
An article on The Philippine Pride dated October 22, 2014 says Lee Min Ho expressed his excitement to go back to the Philippines and among the things he wants to add in his itinerary is to see the 23-year-old lady again. They met in the island paradise when the actor did a commercial shoot for local clothing brand Bench in January, the website claims. The actor had to extend his stay at the five-star hotel called VIP Groove because of its pretty hotel employee who captured his heart, it adds.

The said report, however, should not be believed because it is all made up. As stated on its About page, The Philippine Pride is "a satirical and entertainment website and should not be taken seriously. This site is just a product of creative thinking when boredom strikes."

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