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Dog Buries Dead Puppy In Heartbreaking Viral Video

A dog buries a dead puppy in a viral video that has been melting the hearts of many netizens.

In the moving video, the stray dog can be seen gently using her snout to cover the carcass of the puppy, which she stumbled upon a ditch somewhere in Iraq. The mongrel spends about three minutes in burying the corpse before silently turning away.

It is not yet certain whether the dog was related to the puppy or how the latter died. But the clip has divided viewers, with some saying it was an astounding act of mourning and others arguing that the dog did it to preserve the animal the same way it would bury a bone.

"The dog is burying the other dog to conceal it so it may return later to eat it. Dogs do this with many animals, not just dead puppys (sic), get a grip people, it's a natural reaction to stock food," Youtube user Ametkhoshascake's comment reads.

Check out the said viral video below:
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