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Video Of Children Drinking Alcohol Goes Viral

A disturbing video of children gathering around a living room table for a drinking session has gone viral on Facebook.

In the video, about eleven young kids can be seen passing around a shot glass containing a small amount of an alcoholic beverage for each to drink his/her turn.

Apparently, adults were also in the living room when it happened. As shown in the footage, they were just watching the kids and one woman even took a photo or video of the children while drinking.

The video, which runs for four and a half minutes, has received strong condemnation from Facebook users. One said the adults in the clip should be prosecuted.

Research has shown that alcohol has negative effects on the developing brains of children.

In a 2009 interview with, Liam Donaldson, UK's chief medical officer, said children under 15 should not drink any alcohol as it could seriously affect their brain development.

"We're trying to get the message across that children aged under 15 …