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Pregnant Wife Of Nonito Donaire Admitted In Hospital After Saving Drowning Kid

Rachel Marcial-Donaire, the pregnant wife of Noypi boxing champ Nonito Donaire, Jr., was admitted in a hospital after she saved a kid from drowning Thursday.

Despite her condition, Rachel did not hesitate to jump into the pool to save her friend's son who disappeared underneath the water. She injured herself in the process.

"Rachel woke up with sharp pain and was admitted in the hospital where she was monitored for over an hour and was diagnosed with a strained ligament," a post on Nonito's Facebook page reads.

According to her physicians, the baby has not been affected. They also ordered Rachel to stay in bed rest for the next two days.

Rachel and Nonito, who tied the knot in 2008, are expecting a baby boy, their first child. Rachel is reportedly due in 17 days. 

Get well soon, Rachel! - NoypiStuff

Nonito Donaire, Jr., Chino Trinidad feud heats up online!

Boxing champ Nonito Donaire Jr. and sportscaster Chino Trinidad are currently involved in a very serious "Online war". Comparing this to the celebrity feuds happened in the microblogging site Twitter we witnessed in the past, I would have to say that I have never heard an argument this intense.

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After a rift which lasted for 3 years, The Filipino Flash finallyreconciled with his father, Nonito, Sr. However another feud sparked when Chino Trinidad fought back via Twitter after he and his father were especially named by Nonito and his family to be the reason of the misunderstanding inside the Donaire family.

On a video posted on the the official website of Nonito Donaire, Jr., his wife, Rachel, said,

“There are certain people in the media who have gotten fame from tearing our family apart and I think that collectively today, after seeing everything that has been out in the media and talking about what has really hurt us, the source is all the same—it’…