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One Pound Fish Music Video Hits 10 Million Youtube Views
One Pound Fish, a song composed and performed by a Pakistani immigrant to attract customers to buy from his fish stall in a market in England, now has a music video and it is receiving quite a number of hits on Youtube.

One Pound Fish singer Muhammad Shahid Nazir (Youtube)
As of this writing, the One Pound Fish music video, which was posted on December 10th, has hit 10 million views.

In April, 31-year-old Pakistani fishmonger Muhammad Shahid Nazir was caught on video singing the song, which he composed to entice shoppers at the east London market stall where he worked. The lyrics of the song are as follows:

    Come on ladies, come on ladies
    One pound fish, one pound fish
    Have-a, have-a look
    One pound fish
    Very, very good, very, very cheap
    One pound fish
    Six for five pound one pound each 

The video became a viral hit on Youtube, amassing more than 7 million views. It has since been covered by singers Alesha Dixon, Timbaland and Mindless Behavior.

Recently, Nazir was able to seal a deal with Warner Music to record a techno-infused version of One Pound Fish, which was released on December 7th for digital download in the United Kingdom on iTunes, reaching number 28 in the UK Singles Chart, number 5 in the UK Dance Chart, and number 1 in the UK Asian Chart.

Nazir returned to Pakistan on Thursday to a hero's welcome and has been inundated with requests to perform and do advertisements.

Check out below Nazir's original performance of One Pound Fish as well as its music video:

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