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Chinese Boss Kisses Female Staff Daily As A Routine (Video)

A Beijing employer is kissing his female staff every morning as part of the routine in his company, Chinese media reported.

Everyday, at around 9:00am, female employees queue up to receive a kiss on the lips from their boss. 

According to reports, the man created the rule in order to "foster good relationships among colleagues." He claims that he got the idea from an American firm that does the same practice.

The businessman said he and his workers became more united because of the morning kisses.

A video of the Chinese boss giving a kiss to his female employees has emerged online which shocked many viewers. Watch it below.

Viral Video: Fil-Am Kid Tries To Break Taekwondo Board To Earn His Belt

A video of a little boy making several cute attempts to break a board using his foot in order to earn his first Taekwondo belt has captured the hearts of many netizens around the world.

In the video, the tiny Taekwondo jin tries every possible way he can think of to break the board even as his classmates giggle. Rohan, the name of the boy, perseveres and eventually breaks the board while screaming "Aya!", earning himself a white belt.

The clip was posted on the Facebook page of the Filipino-owned Peak Taekwondo and Fitness Center in California last Thursday which later became viral in the popular social networking site and then picked up by numerous websites and TV networks. The video has amassed 8.2 million views as of this posting.

The administrator of the Facebook page told us that the video was taken in 2011 when the school was opened. Rohan, who is Filipino-American, is now 7 years old, he added.

Watch Rohan's viral video below:

Video Of Pinay OFW Being Maltreated By Husband Is Fake

A video which purportedly shows a Filipina being maltreated by her foreigner husband in front of their kid is currently making the rounds on Facebook.

The uploader claims the Pinay is from Surigao del Sur and that her husband got mad when she was not able to prepare their lunch. The OFW wants to go back to the Philippines but she has no financial capability to do so, the Facebooker adds.

But is the story behind the video as told by the uploader real?

Well, it's not. We did a research and it appears to be just a parody of probably a scene from a movie or TV show in Romania as there are other similar videos online. We also found out that the woman in the video is not Filipina.

In another video showing a different angle of the said viral clip, the people can be seen laughing as they do the reenactment. They therefore did this all for the sake of fun. Check out the said video below:

Bystander Saves Child From Hostage Taker In Surigao City (Video)

A video of a dramatic rescue by a bystander to a young girl from her hostage taker is currently getting viral online.

The cellphone footage shows the bystander taking the chance to grab the hostage taker's hand that holds a knife while the latter is busy shouting some words. After which, other men swarm the hostage taker to make sure that child is safe. They then maul the criminal.

In the later part of the video, the hostage taker is seen being handcuffed by police officers.

The brave savior is believed to be an employee of Palma Store, where the hostage taking took place.

Check out the said viral video below:
We are still getting more information about the incident.

Baby Crawls Under Reversing Car; See What Happens Next

A 1-year-old baby was almost ran over by a car in the garage of his family's home in Brazil last Sunday.

A CCTV footage shows the infant crawling towards the back of the vehicle without being noticed. The car, which is making its way out of the garage gate, then reverses over the child.

Luckily, two neighbors who were passing by heard the baby crying and immediately told the driver to stop. One of them then took the baby out.

The little boy only sustained minor injuries, a slight burn on his ear and shoulder due to the warm car engine.

Inside the car were the boy's mother, sibling and stepfather who was driving. They were to go to a doctor for a check-up.

Watch the heart-stopping moment below:

Viral Video: 'Ayoko Na Ng Suman'

This is just too cute not to be shared. Check out this adorable little girl's parody of "Frozen," singing to the tune of "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman" with different lyrics.

Post by Noypistuff.
The talented kid in the video is the daughter of comedienne Cheena, who starred in the Kapamilya series "Kampanerang Kuba" and in the MMFF movie "Kasal Kasali Kasalo." Her name is Shawn and she's just 5 years old. She actually has several more videos which will definitely brighten up your day. Here are a few of our favorites:

She can sing, she can act and she's very charming. We won't be surprised if we'll see her on TV soon.

Bunny Eating Raspberries Delights Netizens

A video of a bunny eating raspberries is delighting viewers online.

In the Youtube clip that runs for 33 seconds, the adorable bunny named Luna is seen munching on the sweet fruit, painting her lips red and thus looking like she's wearing a lipstick on.

Uploaded online just 4 days ago, the video of the raspberry-eating rabbit has amassed more than 8.4 million views as of this posting. Repeated in the comments are the words "cute," "adorable" and "awwww."

"Cute bunny eating rasberries? why is it viral BECAUSE ITS TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!" Youtube user Millie12678 wrote.

"I love watching this beautiful little bunny eat her berries.There is just something so precious about small animals and the everyday things they do.  Her "lipstick" is the most lovely shade of raspberry!" said TobyJae.

"The rabbit looks like it has bright red lipstick on" Miyamoto Sora added.

Check out the viral video of Luna below:
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